Our Services

Technical support

Technical support for your E.F. Engineering equipment is available from the hours of 8:00AM to 6:00PM CST, Monday through Friday by calling 952-746-6247. For less urgent needs our Technical Support Department can also be contacted through email at sales@efengineering.com.



Manuals included with your E.F. Engineering machinery feature color photos and diagrams highlighting operating procedures, adjustment points, settings, change-over procedures and maintenance areas. Also included with the manuals are user guides, wiring diagrams, electrical pneumatic and mechanical spare parts lists. Trouble shooting guides and preventive maintenance schedules are also included.


Replacement Parts

Replacement parts for your E.F. Engineering machinery can be obtained through our Service and Support Department, by calling 952-746-6247 or email us at support@efengineering.com.


Education and Training

During the installation of your E.F. Engineering equipment, we will train your operators to properly and efficiently run your new equipment. We will also work with your technical staff and demonstrate change-over procedures, troubleshooting methods and preventive maintenance areas.


Remote System Monitoring

An option available with your equipment from E.F. Engineering is remote system monitoring. With this option, one or more cameras are strategically placed within the machine. Images from these cameras are transmitted via the internet to our technicians who use these images to aid your technicians in changeovers, troubleshooting, repairs, adjustments, etc.


World Wide Web Uplink

Connect with E.F. Engineering via the web! With an online link to E.F. Engineering of remote system monitoring we can help you to change or modify your systems and operating program, changeovers, adjustments, and troubleshooting.


Lifetime, 5, 2, Warranty

The Initial Warranty guarantees the proper functioning of the equipment purchased. The warranty period begins from the date of delivery, even if for any reason commissioning of the machine is delayed. The Lifetime Warranty covers the machine’s frame against defects in material or craftsmanship for the life of the machine. Parts manufactured by E.F. Engineering are covered for five years against defects in material or craftsmanship. Purchased parts are covered for two years against defects in material or craftsmanship. Wear parts such as suction cups, belts, etc. are not covered. The warranty covers parts and labor but does not include travel and lodging expenses. In the Service Contract for an extended service contract past  initial warranty, the customer will be charged  12% of the original equipment price per one full year of warranty extension. This includes parts and labor but does not include travel and lodging expenses.


Consulting and Sourcing Services

E.F. Engineering’s consulting service offers highly technical evaluations of your packaging and production lines. We use our evaluation to develop economical automation or process procedure recommendations to improve efficiency, reduce labor costs, reduce downtime, increase safety and limit repetitive motion injuries. Our sourcing services include equipment specification, performance analysis, floor plans, layouts, special machinery development, project management, package development or improvement, equipment start-up and line personnel technical training.

Consulting and sourcing services are invaluable to all businesses especially small and medium sized businesses that do not have an engineering department or available technical expertise to aid their purchasing departments. E.F. Engineering has over 50 years of combined experience in automation, systems, assembly, packaging and production. We regularly attend major packaging and automation expositions and seminars to keep current with technology developments and trends.


Integration Services

E.F. Engineering integrates our machinery into new or existing systems. Integration of a new system includes equipment placement and alignment, transitions, communications and control systems, line start-up, and de-bugging. Integration to an older or existing system includes these same services plus retrofitting older equipment to be compatible with modern controls.