Who We Are

E.F Engineering Inc. is located in Bloomington, Minnesota and is an industry leader of unique packaging equipment and assembly line automation for use in manufacturing. All of the machines that we design are unique and utilize cutting edge technology. We employ a diverse staff of exceptionally talented, hands on engineers.

Since 1990, E.F. Engineering has been designing and building automated machinery for custom production and packaging applications.

Some of the advantages we offer are:

  • We put great emphasis on machine durability and reliability. Our machines are constructed to require minimal maintenance and thus low overall maintenance costs.
  • Ease of operation and adjustment are a design priority. Our machines are built with simplicity and intuitive controls to enable easy operation with minimal training.
  • Employee safety is a priority. By utilizing advanced safety features and building our machines as closed structures, we are able to create a hazard-free environment.
  • Efficiency is a major factor in all the machines and equipment manufactured by E.F. Engineering. Ergonomic design and high capacity magazines minimize the number of employees needed to operate our equipment.
  • Attention to detail and precision are features that are noticeable in all of our fabricated equipment. We emphasize quality control in all of our projects to insure top quality for all of our products.
  • At E.F. Engineering we strive for customer satisfaction. This is achieved by listening to our customers’ needs and custom fabricating each machine to the highest of standards.

We appreciate your interest in the E.F. Engineering product line. We are looking forward to fulfilling your automation needs.

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